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stardust_dreams ([personal profile] stardust_dreams) wrote2011-12-22 06:52 pm
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New Account! New Account!

I kind of miss the kitty layout I had on my LJ account but I can get used to this one here. I don't know whether I'll start making any RP accounts yet. I guess I'll wait until I find out if SBG ends up being moved here or if I can find some nice DRs first.

Moving on...

My older brother is staying with us for Christmas break and since the day before yesterday we were convincing our parents to come watch the new Tintin movie with us. As little kids, we would always check out the comics from the library and the 90's cartoon was one of my favorites growing up. It turned out our parents had also read the comics as children too so we went to see it yesterday.

It was awesome.

I remember seeing early still shots on 4chan months ago and being a bit worried up it turning into uncanny valley but now after seeing it in motion and in 3D no less, I can that it looked incredible. Especially the flashbacks on the Unicorn and the chase scene parts. I'm also pleased to see how little they toned down the amount of fistfights, people firing guns and Haddock being drunk in comparison to the book.

In other words, I had a good time.